Yoni Steam Seat, Upgraded Vagina Detox Steamer for Vaginal Steam Herbs, Portable Vaginal Spa



Magic V Steam Seat, Yoni Steam Herbs, Portable Vaginal Spa, Sitz Bath.

Imagine being able to have space in your home where you can go to be wrapped in warmth and steam, surrounded by the fresh aroma of the heated, soothing steam herbs, candles lit, and a glass of your favorite drink or tea. Where you are able to gently nourish and cleanse your body while getting much needed ME time you deserve. With The Royal Throne Portable V Spa, you have everything you need to create that space and take part in this self-care & wellness practice.


V-Steaming is an ancient and traditional natural remedy that has been used by women for centuries throughout various cultures.  It is also known as chai-yok, Bajo, yoni steam, or vagina steam. This self-care practice involves sitting over an infusion of herbs in warm water. The warmth of the medicinal herbs is known to absorb and circulate into the reproductive system where they help to stimulate, cleanse, detox, nourish the entire reproductive system and promote self-love and care. ⁠ V Steaming is a great way for women to reconnect with their vagina, womb, and body.

Every woman deserves to EXPERIENCE a V Steam and enjoy well needed ME TIME while healing, cleansing, and detoxing the body

Treat yourself to a blissful, luxurious self-care & wellness ritual in the comfort and convenience of your home with Our V Steam Yoni Seats Electronic, Portable V Spa Steam seat.


            ✔ Significantly reducing menstrual cramps

✔ Decrease menstrual flows

✔ Enhance wetness (especially if you suffer from dryness)

✔ Reduce/eliminate discomfort, bloating and exhaustion associated with         having monthly menstrual cycles

✔ Helps to eliminate odor

✔ Help to regulate irregular & absent menstrual cycles

✔ Maintain good vaginal health by supporting the natural feminine cycle

✔ Assist with soothing & relieving hemorrhoids

✔ Great for postpartum recovery

✔ Helps to safely heal & speed the recovery of the reproductive system          after childbirth

✔ Increase circulation

✔ Helps to relieve the symptoms of PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroids

    Helps to cleanse & detox the uterus 

✔ Boost fertility (for women trying to conceive)

✔ Relieve symptoms of menopause

✔ Great stress reliever (relaxes the mind & body)

✔ Promote good uterine health

✔ Promote self-love & care 


The Vaginal Yoni Chair modernizes the way we V Steam

  • No hassle, easy and convenient!
  • Built-in stainless steel container boils water in minutes (no need to use a pot or stove)
  • Soft memory foam seat cushion keeps you comfortable during steaming 
  • Digital heat level control so you can easily adjust steam levels for your desired comfort
  • Promotes a Queen-like experience
  • Supports up to 280 lbs. during use
  • The built-in timer will automatically turn the machine off after 35 minutes
  • LED indicator light
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to store
  • Voltage: 110 V 
  • Item dimension: 11.4 x 10.8 x 14


Package Includes:

X1 Yoni Steam Chair
X3 FREE empty herb bags to put loose steam herbs in
X3 FREE sanitary seat covers
X1 FREE measuring cup
X1 filter
X1 replacement fuse


DO NOT steam while pregnant

DO NOT steam while on your menstrual cycle

DO NOT steam if you have open genital sores

DO NOT steam longer than 45 minutes

DO NOT use on carpet, to avoid blocking the air vents

Remove genital piercings before steaming 



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